September 2, 2022

All-On-4 vs. All-On-6 Dental Implants: Which One is Best For You?

Missing teeth can have a very significant, and negative, impact on the person’s quality of life.

Not only for the effects on self-confidence and appearance issues but also for the person’s dental health. That’s why All-On dental procedures are highly important to bring back a person’s smile and restore their quality of life.

The All-On-4 or All-On-6 dental implants are very effective procedures and they can be considered tooth replacement options. Both treatments are very similar and look to achieve the same results, but they have some key differences.

Similarities Between All-On-4 and All-On-6 Dental Implants:

Both treatments involve surgically placing dental implants in your jaw.
Both procedures offer enduring, permanent solutions that are far superior to ill-fitting dentures or bridgework.
Same objective: to duplicate the stimulation to the jawbones that happens naturally due to frequent pressure on the natural teeth, this prevents bone atrophy and keeps the mouth strong and healthy.
Both procedures surpass traditional dentures as regards function and comfort.
Both procedures take the same time to be completed.

The main difference between All On 4 and All On 6 dental implants is the number of implants that are added

However, there are more differences between these two procedures. We can learn about them by looking at the different advantages of both:

Advantages of All-On-4 Dental Implants Advantages of All-On-6 Dental Implants
The Smile is Completely Restored
The All-On-4 is an innovative method that restores a patient’s smile, facial structure, and muscle tone after bone loss, chronic tooth decay, or infection. Teeth will feel, perform, and appear completely natural. By creating a healthy mouth, the risks of periodontal disease are reduced.
Eating Is Enhanced
These implants have superior strength and durability, and they facilitate and improve one’s eating ability. The implants connect directly to ultimately secure and fuse with the jawbone. Each time you lose a tooth, the jawbone loses stimulation which may cause it to shrink. Dental implants stimulate bone growth to maintain the jaw structure.
One Single Treatment
Patients receive a new, perfectly functioning set of teeth in one same-day treatment.
You won’t Need a Bone Graft
This is usually required when the jawbone of the patient is too weak to support a dental implant. With All-on-4 implants, a bone graft is not required since the four implants are not limited to a particular location. The implants are placed at different points along the jaw where the bone is denser.
Enhanced Jaw Support
The additional two implants of the All-on-6 system further stimulate the jawbone, and this provides even more protection against bone density loss over the long term.
Stability and Better Function
All-on-4 dentures will never fall out when eating or talking. The procedure uses four implants for each arch to secure a hybrid denture. The implants keep the prosthetic teeth anchored to the jawbone. Thanks to the overdentures attached to the implant posts that are embedded in the jaw, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods and even have more strength for chewing
Extra Stability
The All-on-6 implants provide more strength and stability for some patients. The condition of the mouth, gums, and jawbone will reveal if the patient would be best served by the additional two implants.
Easy Maintenance
You can brush and clean the All-on-4 implants just like normal teeth, with no need to be removed. All you need to do is daily brushing and flossing and also visit your dentist regularly.
People who have lost many teeth and want to regain their smile and oral health can absolutely trust the All-On-4 and All-On-6 procedures.

The adjustment and recovery period is minimal and after a while, you will forget the implants are even there.
The right thing to do is always ask your dentist which procedure he or she recommends. You can’t make a wrong decision when it comes to choosing between All-On-4 and All-On-6 dental implants.

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