September 13, 2022

My Dental Implant Fell Out – What Do I Do?

Dental implants are sturdy and reliable and with proper care, they can last for decades.

Though most general dentists are trained to place implants, they often only do so in very specific cases where nothing needs to be done other than the implant placement itself. As implants can require additional surgical procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lifts, some cases may need a specialist who specializes solely in dental implant surgery.

When patients call saying that their dental implant has fallen out, we, as dentists or dental office personnel need to find out what exactly came loose. This is because most of the time it is the upper attachment or abutment screw that has come loose and not the actual implant. It is a rare possibility for the actual dental implant to come out but if it does they need to be examined and given other suitable options.

Let’s be clear, dental implants do occasionally fall out, but this is very uncommon. In fact, we’re looking at a 95% success rate for dental implants. On the other hand, while dental implant failure is rare, it can happen – even if you take all the right precautions. But don’t worry! These are some of the most common reasons why dental implants sometimes fail – so you know what to watch out for and how to prevent these mishaps from happening in the future.

Low-quality dental materials

Some dentists use cheap materials because it saves money or allows them to charge lower prices. But cheap dental implants can end up costing more in the long run. If an implant fails and has to be redone, you’re paying twice for a single service. When you visit a dentist who is Board Certified in Dental Implant Surgery, chances are, they will be just as invested in the success of your implants as you are. They may charge more, but they’ll also be much more likely to use higher quality materials and get it right the first time. Always do your research before committing to any new medical or dental practitioner.

Improper Implant Placement by an unexperienced professional

When a dentist places an implant in an area where there is not enough bone to support it, the implant may eventually loosen and fall out. This can happen if they take shortcuts during the treatment planning process or if they use outdated technology for mapping out where the implants will go. An up-to-date and experienced dental professional will have access to advanced imaging tools that allow them to digitally map out where the implants are going before surgery, thus ensuring proper placement before any invasive procedures happen.

Improper implant design

Precision is everything when it comes to restoration dentistry, and dental implants are no different. If you’re new to an area or just looking for a new dentist, make sure they’re qualified! When dental impressions are not meticulously taken, even the smallest mistake can result in a failed bond between the bone and implant – which could cause severe side effects such as infection.

A Board Certified Dental Implant Surgeon is highly skilled and trained in every aspect of implant surgery, including precise dental impressions for dental implants that provide optimal fit.

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