Mexico Dental Implants

Save up to 70% on oral surgery by getting dental work in Mexico’s top clinics.

Experience high-quality dental care at Mexico’s leading dental Implant Clinics in Cancun and Guadalajara.

We work with FDA-approved implant systems and a team of USA-trained dentists, ensuring exceptional expertise and safety.

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Dental Implants Guide

Everything you need to know about dental implants and dental services in Mexico

Cancun Dental Clinic

Come enjoy a dental vacation in paradise!

Turn your dental trip into a dental vacation in coastal Cancun. Discover the Yucatán peninsula or relax at the seaside during the downtime from your procedure.

Many airports in the US and Canada offer direct flights to Cancun, and we can point you toward hotels and accommodations conveniently located in the city’s downtown or other tourist-friendly spots.

Guadalajara Dental Clinic

Discover Mexican culture during your dental vacation

Immerse yourself in Mexican history and discover one of the most iconic cities in the country during your dental vacation.

Our staff will not only assist you with all details regarding your procedure, but we can also direct you to the best tours and activities in the city. Discover the other side of Mexico!

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Our team consists of highly qualified experts in oral surgery and dental implants. We employ US-trained prosthodontists and oral surgeons with several years of certified additional training on top of their professional degrees.

We exclusively use FDA-approved dental implant techniques and high-quality prosthetics, ensuring you a long-lasting and natural-looking smile makeover.

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The Mexico Dental Implants Experience

Mexico Dental Implants works with an elite team of dental care professionals to provide state-of-the-art dental procedures at competitive prices.

We partner up with the best Mexican clinics to ensure you get the best experience from start to finish, whether it be a quick trip to get your dental implant or a full-fledged dental vacation.

Our cutting-edge dental clinics offer implants available for up to 70% less than in the US. We offer worry-free warranty and financing options, ensuring you receive quality dental care at affordable prices.

With Mexico Dental Implants, you get:

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Up to 70% off
the US Cost

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U.S. warranty

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Cutting Edge
Dental Clinics

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Up to 70% off
the US Cost

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Patient Friendly

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FDA Approved

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U.S Trained
All on 4 Experts

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Before and After Mexico Dental Implants

We’ve treated thousands of patients at our Mexico clinics, restoring their smiles with dental implants & techniques such as all-on-4, all-on-6, veneers, crowns, and veneers.

Smile makeovers improve the quality of life of our patients beyond aesthetics, so we work hard to ensure the final result is flawless not just in looks but in feel.

Our Clinics:
Top Locations in Mexico for Dental Work

Your new smile is just one short flight away.  We work hard to make your experience pleasant beyond the final result. Our staff will provide you with the care, attention, and patience you deserve, ensuring you are taken care of each step of the way.

Full Dental Services in Mexico

We offer comprehensive dental care and dental implant services to meet all your needs. Find the treatment that’s right for you and get your smile back.

All on 4

A natural-looking and permanent alternative to dentures that offers long-lasting and functional results.

All on 6

The All on 6 offers the same final results as the All on 4 and is an excellent alternative for patients who require extra grip.

Zygomatic Implants

A highly effective alternative for patients who cannot undergo traditional implant procedures due to insufficient bone mass.

Full mouth restoration

A custom procedure based on your needs that combines different implant techniques to restore your teeth to peak condition.

Cosmetic dentistry

Improve the appearance of your teeth or implants with our cosmetic dentistry procedures. Find out how to enhance your smile.

Same-day Implants

Fast-track your dental implant procedure with same-day implants. Get high-quality results in just one day in the dentist’s chair.

Smile Makeover

A complete aesthetic re-do of your smile, we work together to improve the looks of your teeth without compromising quality and comfort.

Dental Implants

Unsure what sort of dental implant is right for you? We will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, implants, jaw, bone density and overall oral health.

Dental Vacation in Mexico

Our dental clinics are conveniently located in Mexican cities where tourism flourishes, which makes them the ideal destination for a dental vacation. Discover tips, recommendations, and best practices for dental tourism in Mexico.

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FAQs about Mexico Dental Implants

Why Get Dental Implants in Mexico?

Dental Implants in Mexico are considerably cheaper than in the US and Canada. The vast price difference is due to the lower cost of education and health care in Mexico, which means patients can access high-quality procedures and treatment from experienced professionals at a fraction of what they would pay at home.

is it safe to get dental implants in Mexico?

Yes, getting dental implants in Mexico is completely safe, and thousands of Americans, Canadians, and other international patients do it year after year. Border cities and popular tourist towns are safe places to get dental work. Our clinics in Cancún and Guadalajara are the perfect destination for a dental vacation and high-quality dental care procedures.

Why Choose Mexico Dental Implants?
Even if prices are lower, many patients are hesitant to get dental care abroad. That’s why we work exclusively with a fully bilingual team of US-trained dentists and only offer FDA-approved procedures. The Mexico Dental Implants experience is all about providing upstanding dental care that surpasses what you would get at home.
How much are dental implants in Mexico?
Prices vary between clinics, but on average, the price of dental implants in Mexico is about 50 to 70%cheaper than in the US.
Is there a warranty on dental implants in Mexico?

We are the only Mexican clinic that offers US warranty. Contact our team to inquire about how warranty works at home and in Mexico.

Is it worth going to Mexico for dental implants?

While getting your dental implants back home may be more convenient, the benefits of getting dental implants and dental services in Mexico far outweigh the travel factor. Plus, by turning your implant trip into a dental vacation, you get to enjoy the wonders of Mexico on top of getting a brand new smile AND saving money of your procedure.

Where in Mexico should I get dental implants?

The cities of Cancún, Tijuana, Los Algodones, Juarez, Ciudad de México, New Mexico and Nogales are popular destinations for dental tourism. However, you should make your choice based on the clinic, not the destination. Look for places with a qualified and experienced team, like our clinics in Cancún and Guadalajara.

What types of dental implants are there?
We offer different implant options to accommodate the needs of our patients. All-on-4, All-on-6, zygomatic implants, crowns and customized full-mouth restorations are some of our options. No matter the treatment, we only use FDA-approved procedures and implants, ensuring high-quality results.
How long does the implant procedure last?

How long the implant procedure lasts depends on the procedure. Some implants, like same-day implants, may be resolved within the day, while others may require multiple visits. Once we determine what type of implant you are getting, we will inform you of the timeframe required for your implant and work with you to figure out a schedule that fits your needs and availability.

Does it hurt to get dental implants?

The dental implant procedure itself is not painful, as the patient receives either local or general anesthesia to numb the mouth and jaw. After the surgery and once the anesthesia wears off, some patients experience mild pain and/or inflammation. This post-surgery pain usually wears off within 10 days.

Do implants feel like natural teeth?

Dental implants do not feel like natural teeth, because they do not have nerve endings. This doesn’t mean that implants don’t feel comfortable; on the contrary, patients often find their implants more aesthetically pleasing and functional than the damaged or missing teeth they had to replace. Dental implants take some getting used to, but they are worth it.

When can I go back to work after getting dental implants?

Some time to rest is recommended after getting dental implants. On average, most patients return to work 1-2 days after their procedure. It is not uncommon to need to take a week off work after more complex procedures. Your post-surgery rest period will depend on many factors, so you should always check with your clinic beforehand.

What is the dental implant procedure like?

There are many steps involved in placing dental implants, but they vary between procedures. In general, a dental implant procedure requires:

  • Grafting (jawbone preparation), if required
  • Dental implant placement
  • Temporary denture placement (optional)
  • Osseointegration (bone healing and growth)
  • Abutment placement (the piece where the final implant is attached)
  • Final implant placement
Will I need bone grafting?

Bone grafting is required when the patient’s jawbone is too soft or too thin. This additional step creates a solid base for the implant, which ensures that the patient’s jawbone can handle the pressure exerted by the mouth when chewing.

Can I smoke before my dental implant surgery?

No, you shouldn’t smoke before your dental surgery. Patients are advised to quit smoking one month before their procedure, ideally longer. Smoking greatly hinders the chances of implant survival.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

You can take care of your dental implants by practicing good dental hygiene. This includes regular brushing, flossing and using a non-alcoholic mouthwash. Because different implants may require different care, you should always check with your dentis and/or oral surgeon beforehand.

How long will my dental implants last?

A dental implant can last up to 30 years, with most implants lasting at least 10. The lifespan of your implant will depend on several factors, such as your age when getting the implant, the type of implant you chose, and how you are with the upkeep.