Everything You Should Know About Getting Dental Work and Implants in Mexico

Is going to Mexico for dental work safe?

There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to the safety of Mexican dental tourism.

Sure, there are parts of Mexico that aren’t recommended for tourists, but the border towns and popular tourist destinations are safe and cater to foreign dental patients. You don’t have to travel far to get the smile you’ve always wanted. You can take your dental care to Mexico and save up to 50-70% without compromising quality or safety.

Will I get top-notch dental implants from a highly-trained dentist in Mexico?

It’s important to have a trusted source refer you to the best dental offices in Mexico with a solid track record of providing top-notch care. This is our single most important commitment to our patients. Unfortunately, dental tourism has become so popular in the last two decades; many opportunistic dentists are not qualified to place dental implants. With Mexico Dental Implants your dental implants in Mexico are guaranteed and you will save thousands and get worry-free dentistry.

Are dental implants and All 4 implants affordable in Mexico?

Costs can vary widely, but are significantly more affordable than the same procedure in the U.S. In most cases, savings can add up to more than 50% or more of the cost of the same treatment in the U.S.

There are two aspects of any service that should be checked when comparing prices: the provider and the product. In any country, including the U.S., comparing prices is important but be sure you understand what you’re paying for and what you are getting. With Mexico Dental Implants your dental implants in Mexico are guaranteed and you will save thousands and get worry-free dentistry.

Do Mexican offices use modern, high-tech equipment for dental implants?

​​Our Mexican clinics offer modern, high-tech equipment for dental implants at affordable prices. Our experienced teams of dentists are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and offer affordable solutions for your teeth.The first step is to examine your teeth and learn more about what goals you have for your smile. Options will then be presented, and you can decide the route you want to take.

Is it common to travel to Mexico for dental implants or smile makeovers?

Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Mexico for dental work every year. With Mexico Dental Implants, you can have the best treatment at the best price.

Do implant services in Mexico come with a guarantee?

Our vetted-clinics guarantee the implants procedures and service. Mexico Dental Implants also offers the options to correct any implants in the U.S.

What is the timeline for dental implant procedures?

What is the timeline for dental implant procedures? Generally, a dental implant procedure spans across 2-3 appointments.

First Appointment:

During this initial visit, which typically takes between 5-12 days, the dental implant is placed. We also provide a temporary prosthesis (artificial teeth) to ensure you can continue your regular eating habits without inconvenience.

Second Appointment:

Scheduled 3-6 months following the first visit, this appointment may last up to 5 days and involves the placement of porcelain teeth or dentures.

Please note, an additional appointment may be necessary if bone graft surgery is part of your dental implant procedure.

Do you need bone grafting for dental implants?

Bone grafting is a procedure typically necessary for individuals exhibiting inadequate jawbone quality. This process involves using natural or synthetic bone material to replenish areas with significant bone loss. It typically requires a period of 4-6 months for the newly grafted bone to develop a structure robust enough to securely anchor a dental implant.

Can you receive high-quality dental implants from a skilled dentist in Mexico?

It largely depends on your choice of dental practice. It’s crucial to choose a reputable source that can guide you to dental clinics renowned for their high standard of care. Our primary commitment at Mexico Dental Implants is to direct our patients towards such clinics. However, due to the surge in dental tourism over the past two decades, several unqualified practitioners have emerged, unfairly tarnishing the reputation of dental work in Mexico. This is far from being a universal truth. Opting for a licensed, experienced dentist, can assure you of top-notch dental work while also offering significant cost savings.

Do dentists and staff in Mexico speak English?

Absolutely, all of our associated doctors and staff members are fluent in English. Furthermore, our dental clinics are located in popular dental tourism regions. These clinics regularly provide dental services to American tourists and are well-accustomed to catering to their needs.

Am I a candidate for All on 4?

When considering dental implants abroad, it’s important to be aware of certain medical conditions that may affect your eligibility. Here are some conditions to consider:

Systemic Diseases: Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, HIV/AIDS, ongoing cancer treatments, and alcoholism may prevent you from receiving dental implants.

Heavy Smoking: Smoking heavily can hinder the healing process of dental implants. Your dentist in Mexico will likely request that you refrain from smoking for a specified period before and after the implant surgery.

Periodontal Disease: Active periodontal disease can be a barrier to getting dental implants. However, skilled implant specialists in Mexico can address your periodontal disease or refer you to a periodontist within the same practice to ensure optimal oral health before proceeding with the implant procedure. The best part is, you can receive this treatment at a significantly lower cost compared to local options.

Severe Bone Loss: Older patients who have worn full mouth dentures for many years may experience significant bone loss, making certain types of bone grafting procedures extensive and risky for their overall health.

What is the success rate of the All on 4 procedure?

The All on Four treatment stands as a highly successful dental procedure in today’s field of dentistry, showcasing an impressive average success rate of 96% when carried out by a skilled and experienced All on Four dentist.

Is the All-On-4 Procedure painful?

The level of discomfort associated with the All-On-4 procedure is often less than expected by most patients. This can be attributed to several factors, including the availability of local anesthesia or IV sedation for pain management. Furthermore, the dentists providing All-On-4 implants undergo extensive training and possess considerable experience, contributing to a smoother and less painful experience for patients. After undergoing the procedure, it is common to experience some soreness and inflammation in your gums.

How long is the healing period for an All-On-4?

The recovery period for All-on-4 is significantly shorter compared to traditional dental implants, which typically require 3 to 4 months of recovery time. With All-on-4, the implants start fusing with your bone from the very first day. In fact, some individuals are able to resume eating solid foods on the day of the procedure itself. This faster healing process is one of the advantages of All-on-4 implant treatment.

Will All-On-4 Provide Natural-Looking Teeth?

Absolutely! Patients who undergo All-on-4 treatment are usually delighted with the remarkable resemblance of the implants to their natural teeth, both in terms of appearance and functionality.

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