All-on-6 Dental Implant in Mexico

Which Dental Implant System Is Best For You?

Dental implant procedures are cutting-edge approaches in dental technology, and have been one of the newest innovations in dentistry for quite some time now. There are many different types such as All-on-4 and All-on-6 which each use four or six titanium implants in a specific pattern, strategically placed inside your jawbone to provide secure anchors that can be used to attach artificial teeth (top/bottom).

Missing teeth has a major impact on an individual’s quality of life. Missing teeth can result in low self-esteem, increased anxiety levels and decreased social confidence. Additionally, if you lose one tooth it could lead to the erosion of the bone around it due to a loss of bone density which leads to all sorts of issues including difficulty chewing or speaking properly. By performing all oral procedures available (such as All-on dentistry) we can strengthen someone’s smile and restore their quality of life while also giving them full functionality again.

All-on Methods

Dental implant surgery is a common and fast procedure that restores individual teeth with lifelike artificial crowns mounted to metal, screw-like posts. The result is a seamless aesthetic presentation across your entire mouth, with no need for dentures or bridges anymore.

Both All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures in our cutting edge clinics in Mexico, offer lasting, permanent solutions—far superior to ill fitting dentures or bridges. The underlying purpose of the All-on concept is to replace the stimulation we receive from biting down on our own teeth; which would result in bone atrophy if it weren’t replicated by some means.

Do All-on Methods Have Clear Advantages?

Both the All-on-4 and All-on-6 protocols have clear benefits when examined closely. A look at both will provide you with a deeper understanding of dental implants, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Additionally, we recommend consulting our team of renowned dentists at Mexico Dental Implants  if you are considering tooth replacement options. Our expert team will evaluate how much remaining bone structure there is and inspect your gum health as well as your remaining teeth before measuring and analyzing the shape and resilience of the gums and jawbones for a proper fit.

All on 4 vs All on 6 Dental Implants:
Which is Right for You?

Both All On 4 and All On 6 dental implants are strong, permanent solutions for people who have lost many teeth and want to regain their smile. It will take very little time for you to adjust back to life with implants; after just a few weeks you won’t even notice they’re there anymore. If you need major restorative dentistry work done, consult our team Mexico Dental Implants about which implant procedure they recommend before committing. 

Both All On 4 and All on 6 dental implants are great solutions to replace missing teeth. They both have some similarities, such as minimal adjustments after surgery and quick recovery periods, but they also have some differences, too. Always talk to your dentist before making a decision about which implant is right for you. You can’t go wrong with either option!

The top advantage of
All on 6 Dental Implants

All-on-6 offers all the advantages of All-on-4 with one fundamental difference. Instead of 4 implants in each jaw, All-on-6 utilizes 6 implants – which might be thought as an alternative option for those who have special needs or have other criteria they’re looking for when it comes to dental procedures.

Extra Stability

Our Team of oral surgeons may choose the All-on-6 protocol because it can provide extra stability for some patients. Depending on the health of one’s teeth, gums, and bone structure, a practitioner might determine that an individual would be best served by the additional two implants in an All-on-6 procedure rather than an All-on 4 procedure

Enhanced Jaw Support

The added benefit of the All-on-6 system provides an increased level of stability for the implant placement, giving patients who are at risk for bone density loss from cancer treatments or old age that added security knowing their new teeth will be safe and sound.

What to Expect After All on Dental Implant Surgery

After your all-on-4 dental implant surgery in Mexico, there are certain precautions you’ll need to take.

We recommend staying for 2-3 days following the procedure to reduce the risk of infection and healing complications.
If you opted for anesthesia, you might experience dizziness and nausea in the immediate aftermath; make sure someone stays with you 12 – 24 hours postoperatively.
Avoid pulling or tugging at the surgical area while recovering—doing so can cause your stitches to tear prematurely, prolonging your recovery time.
Medication might be prescribed for pain relief during this phase; we also suggest using an ice pack periodically (every 15 minutes on Day 1) around the operative site and soaking a washcloth in water before placing it over swollen areas (this helps lower swelling).
It’s important that you avoid strenuous physical activity until 2 weeks postoperatively, when most stitches will have dissolved.

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