Dental Implants in Mexico:
A Guide for Patients Traveling from the USA

If you are planning to get dental implants in Mexico, this comprehensive dental tourism guide will help you avoid common mistakes and ensure successful treatment.

Almost every Mexican dental clinic advertises the full range of dental treatments, including the most complex types. This isn’t so much true in America – there are many practices which won’t go near certain procedures. Why is this?

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Are all implants the same?

There are many complexities and degrees of difficulty when it comes to dental implants. Each surgery is different – every time something can go wrong or surprise the dentist with its intricacies. Only through careful preparation, training, and experience will there be guaranteed success for the patient.

In Mexico, many dentists take short courses (as short as one weekend) and start advertising that they do dental implants. There’s no regulation that states they have to have a minimum experience level or training. Some dentists in Mexico attempt to do cases of dental implants which are out of their skill set- though these dentists are few and far between; for there are plenty of patients seeking this service who go elsewhere because it’s possible to find someone who can perform at higher levels than the Mexican dentist.

In the United States dentists are more careful because lawsuits could put them at risk for being uninsurable by their malpractice insurance. It would be very difficult to practice if you’re categorized as an uninsurable dentist. Plus, their dental board can also punish them severely if they receive a series of complaints about botched tooth implant procedures.

All on 4 Mexican Implants

Is it safe to get a dental implant in Mexico?

Yes!. In fact, you might even be able to find an experienced dentist who can treat you better than a less trained dentist in the US or Canada. It’s no wonder that more and more patients are traveling down south in order to take advantage of lower prices while receiving quality care at the same time.

The cost of full mouth dental implants in Mexico can be up to a third less than the cost in the United States or Canada. Here, we’ll share our own experience and knowledge so you can find the best place for these treatments and navigate through this process as smoothly as possible.

# 1 Choose the right dental implant surgery clinic in Mexico

Not all dental clinics are equal. If you are looking for advanced dental treatments, such as full mouth reconstructions, All on 4 or multiple dental implants that may require bone grafting, it is very important to look for a clinic that specializes in those treatments, and not just a general dental practice.

Even when they may advertise those services, and may offer lower prices, it is always better to look for a Periodontist with experience with more complex procedures. A general dentist may be able to place a single implant, but the risks are much higher when it comes to more complex cases.

Make sure to ask for the dental team’s qualifications and experience. Look at the reviews the clinic can provide. When it comes to selecting an implant dentist, you need to make sure that they are qualified for your case. Implant dentists can differ drastically in experience and training so it’s best to take this into account when making a decision about who will be operating on you.

One of the worst things that can happen to you is when a newbie dentist has to take care of your complex dental surgery in Mexico. Your well-being and huge investment are at stake.

Inquire whether the dental has performed advanced and complex procedures. How many implants and what type are placed every month? How long has the professional been placing implants? Do they have advanced degrees in oral surgery, oral implantology, periodontics or prosthodontics? Have the dentists attended training and courses for specific procedures such as All on 4, Sinus Lift, or Bone Regeneration courses in dental implants?

# 2 Not all implant brands are the same quality

Live everything is life, cheap is not always the best solution and with dental implant brands this is particularly true.

Ensure that your dentist is using a top-of-the-line dental implant brand for your tooth replacement.

At Mexico Dental Implants we only use the best dental implant brands to avoid potential problems, which are the same brands you would get in a reputable clinic in the U.S. Some of the best dental implant brands with the greatest market share in the industry are also the most popular and well-known among dentists and surgeons alike. These brands include Straumann, Nobel BioCare, Dentsply, and Zimmer. Together, the best dental implant companies account for more than two-thirds of all implants sold in the U.S. in 2021.

# 3 Know whether or not you can afford dental implants before traveling

You’re finally ready to fill in those missing gaps in your smile, but are you a candidate for dental implant surgery?
First and foremost, your dentist will analyze your bone density to see if it’s strong enough for surgery.

Secondly, Your dentist may consider your overall health profile before proceeding with your dental implants.

Remember that getting dental implants done means having surgery, so the healthier you are overall – from diet to exercise to mental wellness – the more likely your implant will stay strong and intact for years. Your dentist may ask you these health-related questions during your pre-screening:

Are you a smoker? Are you on any current medications? Do you drink alcohol? How often do you drink? Do you have diabetes or high blood pressure or other chronic diseases? If you are in the advanced stages of gum disease, your dentist may postpone any surgeries until your gums heal.

# 4 How can you tell if your dental implant procedure in Mexico was successful?

Once you receive your dental implant from a Mexican dentist, what are some signs and symptoms of a successful procedure?

A few days after your tooth implant surgery, you might still have some swelling around the gums as they heal. Yet at this point, there should be little to no pain for those who had their dental implants done in Mexico. If you’re still feeling significant discomfort 2-3 days after your dental implants procedure, contact your dentist. This may signify a complication from the procedure.

Bad dental implant surgeries have a chance of developing infections after surgery. But it is possible for these implants to become infected at any time, even up to years after the procedure has been completed.

What are the symptoms of dental implant infection? If you experience pain in your jaw and significant swelling around the site, as well as a fever and foul smell coming from it then there is a chance that this is due to an infected tooth implant. Taking an x-ray or seeing your dentist for a clinical evaluation will allow them to confirm whether or not it is indeed an infection.

After the permanent tooth, denture or fitted prosthesis has been attached to the dental implants, there should not be any movement. Your new teeth should be strong and rigid, just like regular teeth. If there is movement, your dental implants may be loose. It’s a sign that the dentist didn’t do a good job at ensuring that enough bone would grow around the implants. It could also mean that the dentist loaded (attached the crown or prosthetic) prematurely without properly considering if there’s enough bone holding the dental implant. In rare cases, the body may reject the dental implant, in this case, your tooth will start moving and eventually fall out of place entirely.

Thousands of people who live in the same area as you have been able to get dental implants from Mexico. If you want the best for yourself and your teeth, contact the best dental implant experts in Mexico for a Free Consultation.

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