April 26, 2022

5 Interesting Reasons Why Dental Implants are Cheaper in Mexico

Dental Implants in Mexico Cost Much Less Than in the U.S. If you’re looking to get dental implants, and live in the United States or Canada, you’ve likely been told by your dentist that implants are way more expensive here than they are in Mexico.
Why Dental Implants are Cheaper in Mexico

Here are five reasons why dental implants cost less in Mexico than in the U.S. Some of these reasons might surprise you!

1 The main factor that makes prices so much lower when getting dental work done in Mexico is the cost of living.

The best news is that lower prices in Mexico do not result in a lower quality of dental work. You needn’t worry that the lower Mexico dentists’ prices equate to lower standards when it comes to dental work in Mexico. A great deal of these dentists have received training and certification from American universities, and they’re very capable of providing you with top-notch care at a price you can afford.

2 Dental technicians and lab wages are also much lower compared to the salaries in the United States.

Naturally, since wages are lower, so are the fees for the patients.Mexican dentists make in most cases a third every year compared to the American dentists and have the same skills in dentistry. Sometimes, more experienced in very complex cases.

3 Overhead costs are much lower.

In Tijuana and other cities across Mexico, overhead costs to provide dental implants is much lower than in the U.S allowing clinics to charge less without compromising quality of service.

4 Mexican Dental practices and clinics have also been able to reduce costs by bringing certain services like claims processing in-house rather than paying a third party to do them.
5 Dental education is much more affordable in Mexico where students receive similar training as those who studied at prestigious dental schools in other countries, but tuition and living expenses remain much lower.

Most of the American dentists had a hard time paying their student loans.

It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Americans and Canadian citizens to travel to Mexico for dental implants. The team at Mexico Dental Implants can help you find the best solutions to recover your smile. Contact us for more information.