June 14, 2023

Removable Dentures vs. Permanent Dentures

People of any age can suffer from tooth loss, and when it comes to replacement alternatives, most patients consider removable dentures or fixed dentures.
A person’s smile is one of the most unique things, so let’s explore both removable and fixed dentures positives and negatives to help you make this important decision.

Of course, the main difference between these two is that you can remove one type of denture, and the other type (permanent) is fixed. However, there are various benefits and downsides to each. Let’s take a look:

Removable Dentures

This common, popular method of choice is convenient when needing a quick and easy fix.
This type of denture is worn throughout the day, securing it to the patient’s gums with temporary bonding agents. They can be removed from teeth before going to bed or cleaning.
They are less invasive and do not require surgery, as implant methods do.
Removable dentures are usually made of plastic with metal clasps that latch onto the teeth.

Simple and less invasive. They must be removed and put on at least once daily.
Easy to use and adapt. May not function as well as fixed dentures.
Cost-effective and value for money. Lack of secure connection
Suitable for people with weak jawbones (People with weak jawbones and people experiencing bone loss are not suitable candidates for fixed dentures).
Facilitates good dental hygiene and care

Permanent Dentures

Permanent or fixed dentures can be considered false teeth that are fixed in place and can only be taken out at the dentist’s office. For this, the patient needs to undergo surgery to fuse the bone with the implant, which helps prevent bone loss, unlike removable dentures.
Fixed dentures give patients better aesthetics and long-lasting effects.
Permanent dentures feel natural, look more aesthetically pleasing, and are easy to live with on an everyday basis.

More stable and secure. Invasive.
Look natural. More expensive than removable dentures.
Robust and durable.
Low maintenance.
Prevent the Loss of Other Teeth
No Discomfort
Preservation of Bone Density

There are a lot of factors patients need to take into consideration, such as the strength of the jawbone, their overall dental health, and their conditions.
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